Highest Quality LOD Range Increase?

What is the best way to increase the range of the highest quality LOD? For example, I have a camera slowly moving down the street and you can see the LODs changing about 100-200ft away. I would like to extend this so it’s not so noticeable when the highest LOD loads. Is this possible?


Update - I’ve noticed this only seems to happen when rendered via “Movie Render Queue”. It does not happen inside the editor. Suggestions?

To increase detail in general, use a lower value for the “Maximum Screen Space Error” property.

For Movie Render Queue problems, see here:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the link to the other forum post. But prior to your message, I was using a value of 8 for Max Screen Space Error. Nothing lower. I’m assuming the issue I’m encountering is related to being fixed in the next update?

Basically, as my camera moves forward slowly, the LODs pop with change. Possible to extend this range for the highest LOD is displayed sooner? Not closer to the camera?


If you’re using the Google data, especially, it’s not strictly limited to Max SSE values lower than 8. It’s a bit unpredictable, but I saw it happen even at 16 in some cases. I suggest you give the pre-released build a try and see if it helps.

The other thing to check is that your Level Sequence is in your level, not just an asset in the content browser. If it’s not in the level, the “wait for tiles to load before snapping the frame” won’t work, which can contribute to popping.

Even with all that, some popping may be inevitable, as it’s inherent to the LOD switch. But you can make the switch to a higher LOD happen sooner by decreasing that Max SSE property.