LOD distance rendering problem in Aerometrex photogrammetry layer


I’ve tried to place the new layer of San Francisco (as an example), however I’ve got a problem with LOD distance rendering. For some reasons, the distance of rendering the maximum quality of San Francisco layer is too short. I attached the screenshot where the buildings of SF render in really low quality. Could you please help me to solve the problem with changing the distance of LOD rendering.

Thank you,

Try setting the “Maximum Screen Space Error” property to a smaller value. For example, 8 or 4 instead of 16.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for reply. I’ve tried to do this, but it doesn’t work. The rendering distance of LOD still is really shot. Any other option where can I try?

If decreasing the maximum SSE doesn’t cause more detail to be loaded, that indicates there is no more detail available. There’s no solution to that other than using a different tileset.

Are you sure it didn’t help, though? The tileset in your screenshot above looks much lower quality than I’d expect. Which asset ID are you using?

I’m using ID 1415196: Aerometrex San Francisco High Resolution 3D Model with Street Level Enhanced 3D.
Decreasing the maximum SSE increase number of details in close distance, however in the far distance the quality is still the same.

Can you share some screenshots with the different max SSE values? That definitely should not be the case. Cesium for Unreal will use a lower resolution version of the model in the distance, but it should be suitable for viewing at that increased distance. And lowering the max SSE will improve the quality at all distances, not just nearby.

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for your help. I’ve checked the second time and it works! All good. I just have another related question:
Because using smaller number of SSE requires more memory, should I increase the value of Maximum Cached Bytes accordingly? (currently this value is 2684354560)

Good to hear, I was worried! :grin:

I think the default “Maximum Cached Bytes” value will be ok even with the smaller max SSE. Because that value really measures the size of the tiles over the wire (not their size once they’re decompressed, in GPU memory, etc.), you do risk running out of memory on some devices if you set it much larger. Feel free to experiment, though!