LOD problems with photogrammetry model

I integrated the new UE plugin to visualize a photogrammetry model. The model loads but the rendered LOD is way too coarse. The same model looks fine (proper LOD) when visualized through the Web viewer.

The “Maximum Screen Space Error” parameter in the CEsium3DTileset is set to 16.0 (default value). If I reduce this setting, rendered LOD becomes finer. But to get anything useful I need to go all the way down to 0.1 or even 0.0, which seems strange.

The Melbourne demo asset doesn’t show this problem. With same settings (16.0), it looks just fine. My asset was imported to Ion through the web interface: a GLB file imported as 3D Capture, Draco compression, no WebP. Is there something I should look at?


p.j. See screen-shots below, showing the problem.


Maximum Screen Space Error" = 16.0

Maximum Screen Space Error" = 4.0

Maximum Screen Space Error" = 2.0

Maximum Screen Space Error" = 0.0

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Hi @jscaem,

Thank you for using the plugin. If you are using Cesium Ion, can you please share the asset ID? If the asset isn’t from Cesium Ion, can you please share the asset for testing purposes and the source tiler if that’s possible? We’d like to test with your data directly so that we can resolve the issue. You can email the asset to support@cesium.com if it can’t be disclosed to the public