Terrifying visual issues with land photogrammetry


I’m now working on a project containing lots of 3d data which represents city landscape: over 50 1600*1600 ft. textured tiles. The problem is that when I’m trying to upload them to Cesium Ion as “3d Capture” data type, I’m facing this ugly geometry breaches on medium and distanced LODs (pic 1, Cesium ID 2305044). This actually happens to any of my tiles.

I also have Melbourne photogrammetry data set as an example of 3d landscape tiled source, and when I upload any of Melbourne’s tiles, things just go fine: no visual issues appear on any LODs (pic 2, Cesium ID 2295602).

As far as I’m concerned, my tile and the one from Melbourne data set are strongly identical in terms of 3d data structure: they’re both manifold, single-materialed with external .jpg diffuse map and have correct mesh geometry. At the same time my tile have way less vertices and accompanied by slightly smaller texture. You can see sources via links below.
My problematic tile: Problematic_Tile.zip - Google Drive
Melbourne’s correct tile: Correct_Tile.zip - Google Drive

So, any ideas on what could cause such an issue?

Hi Jeff,
We have fixed this issue internally in our 1.1 tilers, which are tentatively scheduled to become public in late October. Can you tell me how many models are being impacted by this problem at the moment? Is it just this one?
Jeff Kiah


In my current project all tiles similar to the one I showed in OP are affected by this problem.

It seems like the more complicated geometry a model has — the higher is the chance to face this issue.
Let’s say we have a single lowpoly building — it will be fine and tiled correctly. If we have a large stack of such models NOT CONNECTED to each other and the map “floor” — they usually will be fine too, with a little bit of those breaches on specific camera angles. If we have one-piece manifold structure with intersected models built into the “floor” — things go nasty as I showed above.


So, any updates on this one? I still see the same breaching issues as I mentioned in OP, even with freshly-uploaded asset (ID 2333712). Did 1.1 Tilers came public?

Our new Reality Tiler has been released and made available through our Cesium On-Premesis package. Please let me know if you are interested in evaluating this new tiler.

The new reality tiler is also available to cesium ion SaaS customers. Just make sure to leave the Create a 3D Tiles 1.1 tileset option on when uploading.