How can i convert my ifc files into citygml files in order to visualize them on cesium globe?

Hi everyone ,
i am working on project : developing a web app to convert ifc data into citygml data in order to visualize them on cesium globe .
Please any ideas on how to do or any sources that can help me doing the job ?
I thank you . :blush:

I think one good way to do this is using FME, as mentioned here: Problem with uploading of CityGML to Cesium Ion - #3 by andre.

What software are you using to export the original IFC data? If youโ€™re using something like Revit, you should be able to export it as FBX, which can be uploaded to Cesium ion and visualized in your app.

In fact the purpose of the project is to be able to convert files from ifc to citygml and visualize the citygml on cesium .

Yes FME permit the conversion but i still have that problem of how link FME with my the webapp !

Any way, i appreciate your help .