Reasons Cesium Ion rejecting CityGML are not transparent

I am using FME Workbench to transform a shapefile of multiple polygons into CityGML for upload to Cesium Ion. The translation is successful in FME Workbench, but when it uploads to Cesium Ion, it the Cesium Ion assets browser gives the following error:

We were unable to process your data due to the following issue:
Error: Input does not contain any eligible features for tiling.
Read about what data formats are supported on Cesium ion.

I am trying different variations of FME transformations, but I feel like this is fruitless because I don’t know why Cesium ion is rejecting the CityGML file.

Here is a link to the CityGML file:


Thank you for sending the source data. This may be the same as the tiler expects positions to be provided in lon/lat/height order instead of lat/lon/height. If you have a means of swapping those values in the source data, that may resolve the problem. We’re looking into this to confirm.



I’ve confirmed that the problem is that the positions are provided in latitude/longitude order. Our tilers expect the order to be longitude and then latitude. Are you able to reverse the order in the source data?


Yes, I can do this by changing the projection of the shapefile before transforming it to CityGML. Based on this reply, the Cesium World Terrain coordinate reference system (this is the terrain I am trying to clamp to) is EPSG:4979. But I can’t reproject the shapefiles into that coordinate system because EPSG:4979 is a 3D coordinate system and shapefiles are 2D. What is otherwise a good coordinate system to begin with?

Maybe nearly any coordinate system will work. I just uploaded CityGML with the relatively obscure CRS of EPSG:2229 to Cesium ion. It took a long time to convert to 3D tiles, but it worked perfectly!

Great, thank you for coming back and sharing your solution! The community always appreciates that. Yes, if the coordinate system is supported by gdal/proj, it should work. I’m glad you were able to get your data tiled.