Error: Input does not contain any eligible features for tiling

I have the Swisstopo Buildings as a CityGML model that I would like to use in Nvidia Omniverse.

I can upload it to Cesium Ion, but then I get the following error:
Screenshot from 2024-03-04 08-12-47

I could imagine that the EPSG:2056 coordinate system used is the cause of the problem and that cesium does not support it (yet).

See the attached file for a snippet of the model. (707 Bytes)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Are you able to provide the asset id that you are having trouble or a complete GML file and any supporting files that you would uploaded with it? That will allow us to reproduce the problem investigate the issue further.


Sure. This is the Asset ID: 2483379.

There are no additional supporting files.

Thank you for that additional information. I have opened an issue with our team to investigate further and determine what is the issue with this file. We will let you know when we have any updates.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Are there any updates to this topic? I would like to use it for my master thesis and so I am a bit stuck on this one. Thanks for your help.


At this point we don’t have much more information. We are still tracking this issue. The problem does appear to be related to the coordinate system.

If you have access to the data in a standard non-compound coordinate system, you can try tiling that data as a work around. We will keep you updated if we are able to resolve this issue.

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