Error Eligible Features for Tiling

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Currently i do converting LOD0 & LOD1… I got the error as showed above…
anyone can help me…

Data originally store in postgresql database and was exported by used 3DCityDB Exporter. So the output as CityGML format in file .gml …


Could you please share the CityGML file with us so we can take a look? It may depend on what geometry is stored in those LODs.


Here is the folder for both file LOD 0 & LOD 1 that I was mentioned…



It seems like the tiler is having trouble locating the CityGML files. I’m hoping you can answer a few clarification questions to help me understand the problem:

  1. Does the structure of the directory containing the CityGML data look like the image below? The directory name and the depth of subdirectories shouldn’t matter—I just want to make sure the data isn’t stored in a .zip or some other compressed format.

dir structure

  1. Were you trying to run the 3d-buildings-tiler with relative paths and the input path leading to the top-level folder (CityGMLData in the example above), like this? (The top option is for a Linux shell; the bottom is for Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell.)
../tilers-win-4.4.5/bin/3d-buildings-tiler -I CityGML -i ../_gml/CityGMLData -o ../_tilesets/CityGMLData


..\tilers-win-4.4.5\bin\3d-buildings-tiler.exe -I CityGML -i ..\_gml\CityGMLData -o ..\_tilesets\CityGMLData
  1. Could you please try to run it with absolute paths instead, like this?
C:/Cesium/tilers-win-4.4.5/bin/3d-buildings-tiler -I CityGML -i C:/Cesium/_gml/CityGMLData -o C:/Cesium/_tilesets/CityGMLData


C:\Cesium\tilers-win-4.4.5\bin\3d-buildings-tiler.exe -I CityGML -i C:\Cesium\_gml\CityGMLData -o C:\Cesium\_tilesets\CityGMLData
  1. What is your computer’s OS?

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