Unable to Tile CityGML in Cesium

I work for an organization where we are building a solution which requires intensive use of cesium.

In a nutshell, The idea is to plot the 2D floorplans in 3D on the globe using cesium. To do this, I have converted AutoCAD DWG file into CityGML using FME. After conversion when I try to upload the file to cesium ion, it says,

"We were unable to process your data due to the following issue:

Error: Input does not contain any eligible features for tiling.

Read about what data formats are supported on Cesium ion."

However, when I look into the formats that can be uploaded to ion, CityGML is present there. Also, when I upload the same DWG file with same features after converting in GLTF, it shows the desired results. But CityGML seems to not take them as eligible features.

Please help me out in figuring out the issue here and guide me towards how can I use CityGML file in cesium.

Thank You.


Hey Rahul,

Can you show a screenshot of the glTF version, or share the asset ID for that?

Is your goal to upload it as a CityGML in order to clamp it to the underlying terrain?

Above file i.e. “level0_cityGML” is a 2D floor plan which gives out the above-mentioned error.
another dwg model, 3D model of a house, that I tried to upload gave a different type of error.
"Something went wrong with this asset. To report this issue, please email support@cesium.com with the asset ID: 148143.
To help resolve this faster, include any relevant information about your data, such as what software you used to export it."

Hey Omar,

PFA the screenshot of the gltf file I used to upload on Ion. The file has been derived from AutoCAD DWG model after conversion using FME.

The Asset ID is, 143033

We are looking for a format to convert to from AutoCAD (.dwg) models of 2D floor plans which can be manipulated such as adding or removing a part of model without going back to AutoCAD to do so. Features like this include extruding the wall height after conversion from cesiumJS itself. We are using CityGML because of its capability for outdoor plots as well as indoor plots (IndoorGML).

Thanks and Regards,