How do I convert latitude and longitude from Google Maps to Cesium For Unity

1.First I know the latitude and longitude of my destination on Google Maps
2.Next I want to use the latitude and longitude of Google Maps to find my destination in Cesium For Unity
3.Finally, what method can I use to convert the latitude and longitude in Google Maps (the latitude and longitude in the real map) to the latitude and longitude in Cesium For Unity?

Looking forward to your reply

Both Google Maps and Cesium for Unity using WGS84 longitude and latitude, so no conversion is necessary. If you’re trying to convert to Unity world coordinates, use CesiumWgs84Ellipsoid.LongitudeLatitudeHeightToEarthCenteredEarthFixed to convert longitude/latitude/height to ECEF coordinates (don’t forget that longitude goes in X, latitude goes in Y). Then call TransformEarthCenteredEarthFixedPositionToUnity on the CesiumGeoreference component in your scene to convert the ECEF coordinates to Unity world coordinates.