On transforming longitude and latitude into unity coordinates

I want to convert longitude and latitude to unity coordinates through scripts. I learned that CesiumGlobeAnchor uses CesiumTransforms.EarthCenteredEarthFixedToLongitudeLatitudeHeight and georeference.TransformEarthCenteredEarthFixedPositionToUnity, but the converted coordinates are incorrect. How can I handle this problem

You’re on the right track. What does your code look like? One thing that jumps out at me is that you said EarthCenteredEarthFixedToLongitudeLatitudeHeight, but it sounds like you want to go the other way. LongitudeLatitudeHeightToEarthCenteredEarthFixed followed by CesiumGeoreference.TransformEarthCenteredEarthFixedPositionToUnity. Also note that longitude is first (X coordinate)!

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Thanks for your answer ! I solved this problem,The previous mistake was because I did not give the correct latitude, longitude and height
Thank you !!