How do I get to various tileset.json endpoints from the Dashboard?

Be gentle if I’m in the wrong place for this - total newbie.

I’m testing ArcGIS 3.2.1 and wanted to check out the much-noised support for 3D Tiles (file-based and service-based).

I’ve got a free Ion account but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the assets page that shows me “here is how you construct the URL to access the global services.”

I have a token. I see the service preview on the account dashboard. How do I, short of scavenging around in browser devtools, build a URL to the global Ion services that can be properly hit by ArcGIS or QGIS?

Cesium ion’s API documentation. provides the URLs and operations that Cesium ion supports.

If you still have questions can you please let us know the specific details about what you are trying to accomplish. For example trying to load a 3d tile asset in Cesium JS, or list available assets in your account with an API call. That will help us give you a more accurate answer.

Thanks @mdc9001 -

Use case is super simple. I am just trying to load Cesium OSM 3D buildings in ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro is asking for a URL, but I don’t see anything on my dashboard that says, ‘here is the URL to the 3D building service.’ I am not doing development.

Hi, this question would probably be better addressed by ArcGIS support. They would be able to recommend the the best way to access a 3d tileset in their application.

Are you able to provide more information about what ArcGIS expects the content of the URL to be? That can also help us point you to a URL that you could use.

Thanks. I know how to add a 3D tileset into ArcGIS Pro. Pro is looking for a url that ends in .json (e.g., tileset.json). My problem is that I don’t know how to get just a straightforward URL to any of the Cesium assets (OSM 3d, Google photorealistic, etc.). I just need something really simple, straightforward instructions for a non-dev: here is how you build your URL (e.g., https://something-something + some personal token string + asset/tileset.json ), etc.

Unfortunately Cesium ion does not provide a way to directly access the tileset.json file at this time. The consuming application is expected to use the endpoint route of the API which provides the URL to the tileset.json and an access token. These values change over time so even if you were to extract the values manually they would only work for a short period of time before you would need to repeat the process.

Although it is not a solution for Cesium provided assets like OSM buildings that you mentioned, there is a way you can share your own assets if you need to do that. Cesium ion does offer the ability to download a copy of your assets. You can then access the tileset.json from your local computer or upload the files to a web server for hosting.

I would encourage you to reach out to ArcGIS support and ask them to add a feature that supports loading assets directly from Cesium ion.