How to add Cesium Ion Asset in Mapstore2?

Hi, I am new to Cesium Ion. Can anyone help me how to add Cesium Ion Asset in Mapstore2?
I need help to get url for cesium Ion asset tileset.json for public access.
is it mandatory to have cesium REST API access or can build an url using asset ID?

Thanks in Advance


Welcome to the Cesium community.

It is not currently possible to get a persistent public URL for accessing the tileset.json hosted by Cesium ion.

The URL to the tileset.json is provided by the asset endpoint route. The response of the asset endpoint route includes a temporary URL and credentials to access the asset data. These expire after a limited time and will need to be updated.

I would recommend reaching out to Mapstore2 support to see if they have Cesium ion support in their application. That would be the best way to consume Cesium ion data in another application.

If you are trying to use your own assets in Mapstore2, you can create a download of your asset. You could host these files on your own web server and point Mapstore2 to that URL. This will only work for your own data, and not for any Cesium ion provided data such as Cesium World Terrain.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for prompt reply, I have downloaded Tiled Data from cesium Ion and hosted on S3. It’s working fine on Mapstore2.

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