Issues when using "create new asset with AssetFrom " API request

I have an existing AWS S3 bucket with public access using both access and secret access key. In the bucket I have compressed las files which I desire to be uploaded to Cesium and converted to 3D Tiles

  1. I make API call to create new asset, giving S3 information and file information in the ‘AssetFrom’ parameter
  2. It creates an asset on Cesium’s My Asset tab place
  3. I wait till Cesium tells me that they have acquired the data from our S3 bucket and created tileSet. I have also created a second call to “get info about asset” and have verified that the status is complete for the previous create asset request.
  • From the Cesium “My Assets” tab
  1. For the newly created asset I click on “Open complete code example” link, but there is no tile set visualization displayed
  2. The data looks empty… i cant see any map tiles created for the point cloud data

You can view a broken example at asset with id 269900

Are you seeing this issue when uploading directly to Cesium ion?

If we upload directly to Cesium Ion not using the from params, then we do not see an issue. Only if we try using the from params.

@dzung any update on this ?

@dzung any update on this ?