Unable to create an 3D tail asset from S3 with API

I am presently attempting to generate a 3D tile by utilizing a parameter, but I am encountering difficulties. My S3 organization comprises a city folder containing the main tileset.json and subfolders named “tileId” each housing a b3dm file. However, my attempts to construct an asset using this data have not been successful.

const assetData = {
        "name": "Archie 06",
        "description": "",
        "type": "3DTILES",
        "options": {
            "sourceType": "3DTILES",
            "tilesetJson": './tileset.json',
        "from": {
            "type": "S3",
                "bucket": "myBucket",
            "credentials": {
                "accessKey": "myAccessKey",
                 "secretAccessKey": "mySecretAccessKEy"
            "keys": [],
            "prefixes": ["city/tile_01", "city/tile_02"]

I get ither ion detected a problem with the uploaded data. or Error: File Not Found. File: ../../tailset.json. Can someone help me with this? It’s even does not work when tailset.json and models are on the same level.