How do you disable the point light coming from the sun?

Is there a way to disable the point light coming from the sun in a Cesium scene so that the lighting remains even over day-night cycles?

An example of the lighting change that I'm talking about can be seen in this gif: You can see the buildings change color with the day-night cycle, because of the lighting difference (the ambient occlusion difference doesn't matter). When you have models that are colored to visualize some value over time this lighting change can make the interpretation confusing.

I have tried changing Globe.enableLighting but this does not seem to have any affect.

Any help/insights would be much appreciated!



I don’t think we currently have a way to do this. If you take out the lighting from the sun, the buildings models will look black like they do at night.

Instead, you could disable the animation and timeline widgets and set the clock to a time where the lighting looks like how you want it to stay. If you have animation turned off, the sun will stay in the same place and the lighting will be consistent.