How to add this background

how to add this background image?and rotate with global.

Hi @gipal,

I just want to clarify the question you’re asking. Are you trying to replace the default skybox image (the default stars) in the Cesium Viewer with this background image instead?

Yes, I want to achieve this. Could you give me some advice about how to do it?

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set skybox。you can search this property。it is easy to achieve

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You can set skybox as given below by replacing image files path. You can convert images to cubemap by online converter. However it is not the best one, you can try it link and link. If you want to create by your own, you may check this tutorial.

viewer.scene.skyBox = new Cesium.SkyBox({
            sources: {
                positiveX: 'px.jpg',
                negativeX: 'nx.jpg',
                positiveY: 'py.jpg',
                negativeY: 'ny.jpg',
                positiveZ: 'pz.jpg',
                negativeZ: 'nz.jpg',

I hope it helps you.