How to call classes in the cesium for unreal plugin in UE4 C++ development

I want to call the cesium for unreal class in UE4 C++.

Hi @Crs9charles,

You should be able to do this in the normal way. For public headers in Cesium for Unreal, just #include them in your source files. If you need to use functionality that is in private headers, you’ll need to modify Cesium for Unreal to allow this. It’s relatively easy to do that because Cesium for Unreal is open source, but do be aware that private functionality might change or be removed from versions to version; we make no guarantees of backward compatibility for private types.

One thing to watch out for: you’ll need to enable C++17 support in your project in order to include most Cesium for Unreal headers. You can do that by adding CppStandard = CppStandardVersion.Cpp17; to your .build.cs file.


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Thanks for you reply,I did it。
Have a nice day。