how to change / invalidate a geometry / privimite in the batching branch?

Patrick et al,

I wonder if it is possible to change the points (attribute positions) of
a geometry (in the batching branch)?

I'm asking because I'm working on the WallGeometry which would be offset
from the terrain elevation, and I'd like to update the points based on
the async return from sampleTerrain(). simply overwriting the
attributes.position.values values doesn't seem to work. my aim was
that from within WallGeometry, the callback called after sampleTerrain
returns with simply update the necessary positions.


Hi Akos,

Not yet. Our focus is on static geometry batching, so the mesh is not expected to change. Later, we will have a system for direct dynamic geometry batching - like what is done under-the-hood by the BillboardCollection. Most likely, this will not go through the geometry abstraction. Instead, the user will manipulate thin abstractions over WebGL buffers for speed.

For your use case, creating the geometry async - as I believe you are already doing - is OK.



ok, tnx, so I’ll stick with async creation