How to control the Tilt in Cesium?

I'm Alex,

I have one question about the tilt in Cesium.
Is it possible to set limits on cesium tilt when using the mouse?
I have one problem with tilt, i can put the camera below the ellipsoid.
Is possible to limit the tilt and prevent this effect?

Thanks a millions,

Hi Alex,

If you’re just interested in avoiding the camera going underground, this is an issue we are tracking on GitHub. This occurs specifically when terrain is loading in.

Otherwise, you can try limiting the tilt with the Camera (demo) (tutorial). Camera.constrainedAxis might be what you’re looking for.



Hi Gabby,

In the first place, thanks a million.
Maybe, the problem is the axis. I'm going to see if I can limit the tilt of the shaft.
I will see the tutorials.