How to create a large number of dynamic lines。urgent!!!!

current situation :(Data volume 10,000 to 30,000)

My direction is smart city,so need large number of points and Vehicle motion path;

points => pointPrimitiveCollection solved;

path not solved;

About the line segment I tried:

1.entity => polyline => callbackProperty/SampledPositionProperty =>Very carton && Incoherent drawing;

2.geometryInstances => PolylineGeometry => result as above;

cesium 1.64 win10x64 chrome GTX1050

I need your help Thank you!!!!

Can you share a Sandcastle example reproducing this issue? Long term the solution for a large amount of vector data like this is supporting a vector format in 3D Tiles.

For now, there may be other workarounds you can do to get a speed up based on your use case. Can you share a bit more what the lines represent etc.?