How to create Clipping 3D Tiles and Globe at the same time?

I want to create Clipping 3D Tiles and Globe at the same time so I can see the structure of the aboveground and underground buildings, is there any way to do it? in this example only clipping for 3D Tiles

Hi @Yen_Woody,

if you want to clip the globe/terrain, you will need a number of clippingPlanes (each plane is one “edge” of the hole), or a polygon for which the planes are calculated.

After that its just a matter of
viewer.scene.globe.clippingPlanes = new Cesium.ClippingPlaneCollection({...}).

Have a look at this Sandcastle, in which you can draw a hole into tileset + terrain.

Best, Lennart

hmm, Nothing change when i draw a hole, can you check again?

It’s working for me:
left click for drawing the points of polygon
right click to draw/finalize the hole/polygon

i used right click then point was removed :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s working for me now, but How can I clip the whole 3Dtileset when the hole/polygon goes through it?

why does it get error when i try to draw another point

Maybe you could calculate a midpoint of the polygon and pick the feature or the tileset at this midpoint (viewer.scene.pick with viewer.scene.cartesianToCanvasCoordinates) and set its show property to false. I hope I understood you correctly there.

Sadly (for now at least) Cesium does not support multiple clippingPlaneCollections for globe. You can only have 1 single hole (which has to be concave to be flawless).

oh, so sad, Why do I have to draw for the 3rd time before the hole is created? I tried to recheck many times, had to draw 3 times to work

for example if i have 2 or more overlapping 3dtiles, will the hole be able to clip all the 3dtiles?

Because the hole is a surface/area and thus needs a minimum of 3 points/corners. Or do you mean something else?

If you set the created clippingPlaneCollection for all of them, it should work

I mean I have to draw 3 times each time 4 points to the 3rd time to make the hole clipping

I don’t know whats going on there, for me it’s working normally. Sadly, I don’t know the author of this Sandcastle, I just stumbled across it sometime.

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thank you , let me check again :grin:

why when i change my 3dtile it wont clipping? My example

for some 3dtilesets I’ve created, I have to use a different modelMatrix for the clippingPlaneCollection:
new Cesium.Matrix4())

Maybe that helps, but I think thats related to the software I am using to generate the tilesets (FME).

it’s confusing, my 3dtile is the same as the 3dtile format in the example :frowning: can you fix it in my example?

I’ve changed the modelMatrix and for me its looking ok now.

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it’s working for me, thank you for your support :star_struck: have a great day!

How can I clipping Model glb? in my example where am i going wrong?