How to display feature data with czml

Hi Cesium community,

I’m new to Cesium and have been working through the tutorial at Introduction to Cesium Stories – Cesium. I’ve encountered an issue where I’m unable to view feature data. After inspecting the provided CZML file, I noticed it lacks metadata. I attempted to manually add metadata by including a “properties” attribute in the CZML file, but this did not result in the display of a table. However, when I added a “description” attribute, the text from the description was displayed.

I also downloaded a GeoJSON file from, which successfully displayed metadata associated with its properties attribute.

My question is: Can CZML files display metadata in the same way that GeoJSON files do? If so, how can I achieve this?


Welcome to the Cesium community @J3ORGE!

Cesium Stories does not currently display data from the properties section in the user interface. The description field does support HTML, so you can add a HTML table with property information. See this example:

Stories_CZML_Metadata.czml (1.0 KB)

Please let us know if this works for you.

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