How to display geojson in localhost without upload to ion

Hi…i am beginner using cesium and creating web3D. I try to create web3d cesium in localhost using xampp control panel. But, I facing a problem when I try to display geojson data from my localhost. Anyone can help me how to display properly in my localhost without upload in ion my assets? or it must be uploaded in ion?

below attached screenshot my coding and when I run doesn’t appear, only showing the globe.

Thanks before

Welcome to the Cesium community @satria.indratmoko!

Your data does not need to come from Cesium ion. If you’re loading it locally, you need to make sure it is served as a static file. So you should be able to go to this URL for example and see your GeoJSON in the browser:


The exact URL depends on how you have your project set up. If you get that working you can pass that URL to GeoJsonDataSource.load call.