How to do I move across the streets in Cesium viewer in Columbus view?


I have a Cesium viewer in a Columbus view.

When I hold the left mouse key and rotate the mouse wheel, I can zoom in and out. When I hold down the left mouse and move it, the view rotates.

Imagine, I wanted to move myself up and down the street (like if I was going there). In the Yandex panoramas, there are arrows, which allow you to move up and down the streets (see screenshot below). By pressing the arrows you move in the same direction as the cars on the street.

Is there a built-in feature (a mouse gesture, a key combination) for doing this in the Cesium viewer?

If not, what is the best way to implement it?


Dmitri Pisarenko

The fact that the left mouse rotates depends on the current camera transform. If you want the left mouse to pan, simply call lookAtTransform with the identity matrix:


Adding buttons/overlays that control camera navigation is easy, but Cesium doesn’t have any sort of built in support for navigating based on street data. It’s certainly possible to add such functionality, but it’s outside the scope of core Cesium and would not be trivial.

I would check the camera tutorial if you are interested in adding additional camera controls to your app: