How to embed Cesium Stories in forum posts

One of the exciting things about this new community forum is the ability to embed Cesium Stories directly in your posts! You can see this in our virtual tour of Denver post here:

This can be a great way to share your story with some context around it, and a place for others to give you feedback and ideas. Here’s how you can do this:

1. Get the embed code for your Cesium Story

In your Cesium Story, click the Share button in the top right:

Then get click on Embed to get the iframe embed code:

Click the clipboard icon to copy the embed code:

2. Add the embed code to your forum post

Create a new topic in the Showcases category (or wherever you’re embedding your story) and paste in the code you copied.

3. Tweak the dimensions

The default embed code assumes a horizontal display. The forum has more of a vertical layout, so you should modify the height in the code to extend it. I found a height of 800 works well:

<iframe title="AAG Denver Story" width="1024" height="800"