How to enter the ShowFlag.Spline command that is mentioned in the Flight Tracker Tutorial?

About the “ShowFlag.Spline 1”

Where does “ShowFlag.Spline 1” define ?

There is a sentence—— “pressing the ` key (usually under the Esc key) on your keyboard and entering in the ShowFlag.Splines 1 command.” in the Tutorial —— “Build a Flight Tracker with Cesium for Unreal”

Hi @yuan1405,

The ShowFlag.Spline 1 is a console command. ShowFlag.Spline is the name of the command, and 1 indicates that this feature should be enabled. You can open the console command window by pressing the backtick (`) button on your keyboard, usually located below the Esc key, and it will show up on the bottom of the editor.

ok, thanks.

one more question @xuelong :

How to set the BP_Aircaft’s rotation at runtime ?

I can adjust the BP_Aircaft’s rotation in editor, but it’s not change in runtime, like this:

The plane’s head is error direction.