How to find URL to link in google earth web tiled overlay?

I am building a google earth web project. They have a feature to add a tilled overlay URL. Does Cesium ion create URL to use in this way?


Can you provide some more context about about what you are trying to acheive and the technology you are using to create this? That will allow us to provide better answers.

CesiumJS does allow you to display an image drapped over 3D Tiles if that is what you are asking. You can see this example sandcastle.


Hi Thanks for your reply
I have used the sandcastle to import raster tiff onto the globe which is displaying well. The project I am building in Google earth web (see image) lets you enter the URL of a tile server, I am wondering can I use cesium ion as the tile server? and where would I find the relevant URL within Cesium?

Cesium can stream imagery data as either a WMTS or TMS imagery provider.

To find the URL you will need to use the ion REST API, specifically the GET asset endpoint route. This will provide you with the base URL to use for either of those services.

Two important thing to note is that it will also provide an access token which must be sent along with the request for imagery. This token also has a limited duration of approximately and hour and must be re-requested with the GET asset endpoint route if it expires.