Accessing USGS/Landsat images

Is it possible to use the “Blank 3d Tiles Tileset” option to access USGS data, for example Landsat images, via URL?

I don’t understand how the link would have to be constructed.
The URL should look something like this:

But I get this error message:
[2023-07-05 13:42:30.702] [error] [ErrorList.h:72] Errors when loading tileset:

  • Error when parsing tileset JSON, error code 3 at byte offset 0

A Cesium3DTileset is used to access data in the 3D Tiles format:

Landsat images are just that… images. So they can’t be rendered as a tileset, but they can be draped over the top of one, such as Cesium World Terrain, by adding a Cesium Raster Overlay component to the tileset. The images have to be available in a compatible format, though. We support Web Map Service (WMS) and Tile Map Service (TMS) out of the box. If you have a GeoTIFF or similar georeferenced raster image, you can upload it to Cesium ion to create an imagery tileset, and then use it by adding a Cesium ion Raster Overlay component to your tileset in Cesium for Unity.

Thank you for clarifying!