How can I access a world 3D tile map?

Did something change in your plugin? It seems like we can only now display assets from the Asset Depot that are of type 3D Tiles, when we try other ones such as Imagery for example Sentinel-2 assetId 3954 we get a black screen and an error

WORLD TRANSLATION END {1066, 507, 23649} took 0.0745 ms
LogCesium: Error: [2021-09-07 19:36:08.876] [error] [IonRasterOverlay.cpp:75] Ion raster overlay metadata response type is not ‘IMAGERY’, but unknown

The previous plugin I had tried 1.4.0 did work with this. At any rate, my objective is to show full world coverage. What would I need? I understand you don’t have full coverage, but what would be the closest? ie I’d see the whole world topography with pictures overlaid except for those cities or areas that have 3D Tiles? (like google earth vr…)?

Hi @carlrealvr,

Imagery is still supported in Cesium for Unreal, so I’d like to hear more about your issue to help find a solution. If possible, can you provide instructions for reproducing the error you’re getting?


We just put the assetId 3954 in as described above, which is the Sentinel-2 dataset, using your sample project. Other assetId’s work, just one’s that are of type Imagery do not. We are on the latest 1.6.0 plugin.

Hi @carlrealvr

Finally getting a chance to test this out, thanks for your patience. To confirm, are you using the Sentinel-2 imagery as an ion Raster Overlay component on Cesium World Terrain? If you use the ion asset ID of the Sentinel-2 dataset on a Cesium 3D tileset actor rather than an overlay component, you might get a similar error to the one you’re experiencing.

To test, you can use the Cesium panel to add a Cesium World Terrain + Sentinel-2 imagery actor to your level. (Note that you must delete any other instances of Cesium World Terrain already existing in the level.) If you are still unable to view the Sentinel-2 dataset, please let me know what version of Unreal Engine you’re using.