How to generate 3DTiles with different resolutions

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How to generate 3DTiles with different resolutions

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How to add images to Google forums?
I want add some images
but i do not know what to do

There should be a little button between the highlight and link buttons to let you upload an image.

Also, what kind of data are you trying to generate 3D Tiles for? If you’re using Cesium ion ( it’ll automatically generate tilesets with levels of details ready. Otherwise, you can find the 3D Tile spec here:

With some sample data for how it should look like.

Hope this helps!

thank you
i want to generate 3DTiels that similar a demo dragon

every tiles has different resolutions and how to generate ?

Once 3D model uploading is ready on ion, you should be able to do this just by uploading it on

Looks like it’s currently in beta (see until we get it ready.