How to generate kml and czml file?

Like the sandcastle example bikeRide(

The question is how to generate that kml file?

And what does those labels in bikeRide.kml means?

To make it move should I use <gx:Track> label to contain those coordinates, right?

Also in czml vehicle demo, how to generate the czml file to make it move?

What's the difference between those two ways?

Hi Karlintc,

Here’s the KML specification, and the CZML Guide for documentation. There’s tools out there, such as czml-writer for CZML, to convert data to different formats. Depending on what your data is, you may want to do a bit more research to find the tool to convert your data, or even write your own based on the specification.



Hi Gabby, I also tried to find a package that creates/writes czml files.
Then I looked at the ’ czml-writer ’ link, downloaded it and built it. But I found that it was just a library, and there was no sample datasets showing its usage.

If there is not sample data, it is hard for me to get a handle on using the [czml-write] library. You you have any such resources/links ? Thanks.