how to host terrain and imagery data simultaneously


I would like to see terrain and imagery data simultaneously on web browser using cesium.

Currently .tif file has been converted to .terrain i’m able view the terrain.

Let me know the imagery data format supported?

How to host both imagery and terrain data?

Sample script would be helpful.

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Cesium supports a variety of imagery and terrain layer formats and providers - see and . Also see prior discussion at!topic/cesium-dev/-33pG8WuK1c .

If you want to host your own, the key concepts are converting imagery into PNGs or JPGs and terrain data into Cesium’s “heightmap” or “quantized-mesh” data formats, stored on disk in a “Tile Map Service” / “TMS” folder structure .

Thanks Mark! This would have been my answer almost exactly.

Hah, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

A couple years back, I did a few weeks of intensive research on digital imagery and terrain data formats and conversion processes, with the goal of eventually rebuilding our own self-hosted imagery and terrain datasets from scratch with higher-quality input data and better outputs. I wrote up a bunch of internal wiki documentation on what I learned, and it’s been sitting there ever since. It looks like I’ll finally have time to tackle that task here within the next few months. Once I’ve done that, I’d like to write a blog post summarizing the knowledge and steps needed to generate and serve self-hosted tilesets for Cesium. (Yes, I know AGI already has the STK Terrain Server product, but there’s definitely an ongoing interest in the DIY approach as well.)

Sounds like a fun project! The Cesium team is also developing more tools and services to meet the same goals, which in turn will help support the open source community.

Great work , sir, as you have successfully converted the tif into terrain.
But, sir I am still stuck with .tif file.

I have tried my luck with Cesium Ion, but was unable to get the exact terrain location, and end up with the whole globe.

So, sir, it would be very kind act on behalf of you, if you could kindly enlighten me with the method, using which you were able to convert your .tif file into .terrain file.(so that I could be able to see all the elevations and dimenstions of the features of the earth surface)

I am in great need of this help.

Hope you will understand.

Thank You

Short answer: use .


See my answer in this previous thread.



I have convert .tif file to .terrain file but how did you host the .terrain files I am stuck…please help