How to merge DEM,Imagery files and create .terrain


In Cesium code examples they Mount Everest is displayed on browser.

How are you able to merge DEM and Imagery?

How are you able to display (DEM+Imagery) file?

What is the process to convert (DEM+Imagery) file to .terrain which is supported by Cesium.

Below is the cesium example.


Let me know the details, I want to do something similar.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Vinay,

Do you mean like in this code example? Terrain an imagery are not fused, in Cesium they are both loaded separately. We have a Terrain tutorial as well as an Imagery tutorial for getting started.

You need to convert your DEM data to a format supported by Cesium, either quantized-mesh or heightmap. If you need more details about the formats themselves, we have a page about the terrain formats used in Cesium.



Additionally, if you need to combine multiple terrain data sources, take a look at the STK Terrain Server.