How to import a model from local storage!

I am pretty new to Cesium. I’ve created an app (webpack+cesium) locally (on my computer) and I want to import a 3D model from local storage. Not Sure How to put the file’s address into the code! I’ve tried some combinations but no success so far!
Could you please give me a hint??

Webpack has a copy file plugin.

I don’t know if that is the recommended way to do that but 3D files can be placed under the same location where the required static Cesium files are, just make a separate directory for 3d files and reference the files with something like that:

model: {uri: “…/static/3d-models/GroundVehicle.glb”},

You may need to adjust the path a bit, I am using react in my case and that is the path I am using to access the 3d asset from the React component with the Cesium viewer

element, i.e. assets are under public/static/3d-models