How to import .pnts file into Cesium application


I need your help !! I’am begginer in Cesium “world” and I am searching for a way to import my .pnts file into my Cesium application. I need to know the best solution to add my 3d points to the globe.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

PS: I’ve seen a lot of examples in the cesium gallery (“Time Dynamic Point Cloud” example as well).

Thank You.

Cesium 1.47, Windows, Firefox


You can also try to use entwine tool for converting lidar data to the Cesium 3D tiles:

Usually a .pnts file will have an associated tileset.json you can use to render it in Cesium, so here’s an example of loading that:

This Time Dynamic Example is also loading pnts files directly:

Hi Omar, Thanks for your help.

Could you please give me more details about how to associate tileset.json to my .pnts file.

Thank you again !

I think the real question I have to ask is : How can I create the tileset.json for my Cesium 3D Point Cloud file?

We’ve stumbled on exactly the right question! I was wondering where you got the .pnts files without a tileset in the first place since .pnts is part of the 3D Tiles spec and is made to work with that.

(See more here

Cesium ion ( is going to have a point cloud tiling pipeline very soon. In the mean time, feel free to get in touch with Tim ( if you want to talk about getting access to the beta or trying out Cesium’s commercial tilers.


Excuse my way of explaining, I didn’t expose well my problem. I got my .pnts file by converting a CSV file in FME software. As you can see in the picture, I had x y z coordinates in my csv file(32646 Ko), so now I have .pnts file and I was wondering if I can use it to create a tileset. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you