3d-tiles Pointcloud-Format Changes from 1.16 to 1.27 (or since last year)


I have used pointclouds last year very often. Yesterday I would like to test my programs with the new 3d-tiles branch based on the 1.27.

Result: --> nothing is shown !!!!

Could anyone help me ?

What has changed in the formats ? Is it the tileset.json (former tiles.json) or the *.pnts Format ?

Exist converter-programms?




Have you tried clearing your cookies/cache? Sometimes that has weird side effects when switching between versions of Cesium.

Otherwise, I’ve asked Sean if he has any idea why this might be the case. He’s been the main person working on the point clouds specification.



Hi Hannah,

I found my error - my pnts-file is from Feb. 2016. In meantime you have changed the Format completely and it is not backward compatible or i don't know in which way (version number ?) !

The pnts-format is completely new with featureTable and batchTable ....
and on the other Hand I have correct my tiles.json to tileset.json (boundingVolume, Region).

So I have to convert my pnts-file for the new Version !


Hello Rüdiger,

You mentioned existing converter programs - one such program is Entwine, which supports 3d-tile output and is highly scalable (into the billions of points). The source repository is on Github at connormanning/entwine. Some public sample tilesets are at cesium.entwine.io, and build instructions can be found here. Maybe it will be useful to you.

  • Connor

Yes the original point cloud format has changed significantly since you last used it. Since it’s all still a work in progress we don’t support backwards compatibility with the old format. I hope the conversion process goes well.


please change the documentation for the jsontablepropertylength

The length must be a multiple of 4 !!! This cost me 4 hours today


Sorry yes, in JS typed arrays need to be aligned to their element size. We do have a note on this in the feature table and batch table pages: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/3d-tiles/tree/master/TileFormats/FeatureTable