How to keeping pitch of model with VelocityOrientationProperty?

Hi I am implementing a simulation of a drone model in cesium.

The position of the drone has a SampledPositionProperty and I am using VelocityOrientationProperty for orientation.

I want the drone to move in a horizontal state (I think this is when the pitch is 0).

I tried modifying the VelocityOrientationProperty.js, but the direction the drone is looking is different from the direction it is traveling.

If you have any ideas, I would appreciate it.

Hi there,

Do you know if the drone model has the correct forward axis?

It may help if you post a Sandcastle example with a minimal code snippet.

Hi, I was able to find a sandcastle with something similar.

Hello World - Cesium Sandcastle

I added a bit of calculation to this example to get the angle and was able to get the results I wanted.
thanks for response.

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