How to let czml packet to dispaly an object track in real time?

Hi, All,
I'm going to display a car's track in real time. The car is moving and send back it's gps data. I want to display the car's track on Cesium. There are two issues.

1. I choose "range":"UNBOUNDED". Because "LOOP_STOP" always go back to the start point after ending. When clock crosses the end time, there is an exception throw out. Say,

DeveloperError: This object was destroyed, i.e., destroy() was called.
    at new DeveloperError (
    at throwOnDestroyed (
    at CompositePrimitive.update (
    at updatePrimitives (
    at Scene.render (
    at CesiumWidget.render (
    at Viewer.render (
    at render (

How to solve this exception?

2. I don't want to display the track ahead of my car. It's a real-time tracking system. So I cannot get "real" current position of the car, by the speed limit of light and network traffic delay. To fill this gap, I set the end time of every czml packet 30 second ahead of real time. Then there is always a 30 seconds line ahead of my car. How to remove such redundant line and let my model at the very head of the line.


Hi Shawn,
   I was wondering if you ever got this working? Were you ever able to find any examples of how to do this? I am looking at doing something similar and am having a hard time finding any examples of how to accomplish it. Thanks.


Hi Shawn,

My project is like yours can you please share some examples.

I have to show flight data as they are flying in real time without reloading page. Multiple flights at a time.

If any one have done something similar please let me know with example.


Hi. Did you ever find any good examples of how to do this? I'm currently working on a project to display realtime flight trajectories but can't find any good examples how to deal with reltime datasource. I have used google maps before with periodic update interval to fetch new data (2d representation) but can't find any good examples in cesium.