How to let Two color tiles in one building

Hello! I want to ask how to achieve the effect through geojson file like the image?
(I draw it with PowerPoint)

I want two color in one building,one of the colors is translucent.
But I don’t really good at coding. I can only done this so far.There’s only one color.

Could anyone help me?

@yanyu0222 Thanks for joining us here. I suggest you to please share a working sandcastle link for better understanding the issues. What I understand that you want to fill building with a gradient texture. It looks like you need to create Gradient Shader. You may check this external link and link. I hope it will help you.

Note: I have not tested this code.


Thank you @Jacky , the effect I want to achieve is like this ( but just two colors in a building )

But the code in that website, I just can’t use ,so I come here to ask for help.

And my reference is this link sandcastle/Geojson
As you see there’s only a color in an area.

The problem is I don’t know how to reach the effect like the image.