How to load 3D model in gltf format through KML ?


I used to load 3D model in dae format through KML in GE.

Understanding the format prob, I tried to replace the loaded file in kml with a gltf format file.

But it doesn't work at all, and I get "parsererror" when parsing this KML.

So, I wonder, is this functionality already implemented ? If not, is it in the stack ?

Thank you.


Hi Fabien,

3D Models in KML is on the roadmap, see #873. I expect there will be a callback of some sort for loading a 3D model since Cesium can load glTF files natively, but COLLADA would need to be converted.

In the meantime, perhaps you could use CZML and glTF?


Thank you for the link.

Actualy, I already convert in gltf my models, so i can mange it “manually” in cesium.

The problem is that users already have plenty of their own KML :wink: