How to make a Primitive render to texture?

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I want to perform particle computation in GPU and use the result to render the particle. Now I am able to perform the computation with WebGL, and I am trying to render the result of computation to a texture.

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I don't have a code example but a rough plan:

The source code of DrawCommand contains a framebuffer option.

Maybe I can create a Cesium.Framebuffer and pass it to the DrawCommand?

Then I may use the _colorTextures(I am not sure which texture to use) of Framebuffer as a uniform?

Finally I set up a custom primitive with custom vertex and fragment shader source by using MaterialAppearence and begin my custom WebGl render?

I am not sure whether it will works. I will appreciate it if you can tell me a better(simpler) solution.

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I want to make a GPU particle system. You can see the full problem context in my previous threads:!topic/cesium-dev/gjjd9TNeY2A!topic/cesium-dev/vR7H4KJURJ8!topic/cesium-dev/7kCcITmGbEA

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Cesium 1.53

The best example I’ve found for rendering to a texture in CesiumJS is on Scene.pick:

The way it works is the scene is rendered with a special pick pass, where each primitive renders a unique solid color. A framebuffer is created, and it’s set on the Pass:

Then, when a DrawCommand is executed, the context uses the given framebuffer:

When this framebuffer is used, the attached colorTextures are drawn to. For the case of the Scene.pick, the pixels are then read back to check which object the mouse clicked on:

So to summarize, if you want to draw to a texture in CesiumJS, you have to create a framebuffer, and one colorTexture, then set it as the framebuffer on passState for your custom draw command.

Thanks for your help!

I wrote a example of render to texture. I hope it can help others

It is a rough(and probably imperfect) example, if someone has a better idea, please feel free to improve it.

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This is awesome Rayman! Thanks for sharing this!!!

I’ve definitely bookmarked this thread. I’m sure it will help a lot of people. Hopefully it can serve as a basis for a future tutorial.

Hi,It seems the cull setting of renderState didn’t DrawCommand which has a framebuffer instance.!searchin/cesium-dev/framebuffer%7Csort:date/cesium-dev/uK_QAdHBAHM/yu4lStHxBQAJ

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