How to make Cesium3Dtiles without extra shadows?

After loading my own 3DTileset file into UE, due to the presence of a point light source in the scene itself, this will result in multiple shadows in the cesium3DTilesetActor, how can I disable the cesium3DTileset from receiving shadows generated by the point light source, similar to the Shadow function in the normal static mesh body? Indirect Only function, If true, this object will only shadow indirect lighting.
Below is an example of the official cesium3dtiles sample in Melbourne.



As you can see in the official example, the cesium3dtiles type Actor has no extra shadows due to the UE’s light source, but when I import my own 3dtiles file it has extra shadows:

My English is not very good, I hope the development team can help me after seeing this, how can I make my own 3dtiles file to be like the official one without extra shadows, thank you very much.