Google 3DTiles do not cast shadows

Having fun playing with the Google 3DTiles in the world, but I noticed that dynamic shadowing doesn’t seem to work properly with it.

I tried plugin versions 1.25.1 and 1.26 on UE 5.0.3.

The Google 3D Tiles use the glTF “unlit” extension, because they already have lighting baked in. But you can ignore this and rendering them with UE lighting anyway by setting the “Ignore KHR_materials_unlit” property on the Cesium3DTileset.


@Kevin_Ring what would you suggest if the “Ignore KHR_materials_unlit” property on the Cesium3DTileset isn’t visible?

@bradshales It should be visible regardless of the Cesium3DTileset. The setting will appear under the Rendering menu.


If it doesn’t show up for you, maybe something is wrong with the UI in the plugin? Can you share the combination of Unreal Engine and Cesium versions you’re using?

Hi @janine , thanks for getting back to me. I’m using Cesium 1.22.0 and UE5.1.1. below is a screenshot of available settings. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

The option was added in v1.24.0: