How to render label on the ground as shown in the below image

Hi @srivatsa_off

From the image you have posted, it is unclear if you’re referring to the label that’s baked into the map imagery. Anyway, this Sandcastle demonstrates how to add labels in CesiumJS.

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Hi sam ,
Actually i want a label that should stick to ground and not to rotate even if i tilt the view same as google maps for example in maps there are street name which are fixed at a position and sticked to ground please help me out from this thing

Hi @srivatsa_off

Thanks for clarifying. It seems like this feature is currently not supported: Support label rotation · Issue #1247 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub.


As @sanjeetsuhag said, Label doesn’t support this feature. But you can use Plane OR Box instead of label with text image as material to meet the requirement. I have already replied about it in a similar post. You may check this sandcastle link if you want to use Plane. Visit Global - Cesium Documentation regarding writeTextToCanvas.

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Hi Jacky,
Almost got the text on how I need but I want to rotate that entity a little bit as shown sandcastle link how to do that.

Hi Jacky,
Can we rotate that material of entity I want that text to be in a angle of 90deg is that possible.

Offcourse YES ! You can set entity orientation. Check this modified sandcastle example.

Thanks a lot got it

How to decrease the size of entity

Actually I got it thanks…

How to make that red background color to transparent

Yeah got it by using transparent : true