How to render small things

What I want to render is some small things, like 1cm size cylinder…

For example, I use polylineVolume to render a two-point geometry, just like a cylinder, when the radius is big, nothing bad, but when the radius becomes 1cm, cesium only render a triangle….[A]

It there any method I can try so I can get a beautiful cylinder while the size is small like 1cm?

In my imagination, it’s possible, when the camera zoom in I can render a “bigger” cylinder but scale it to the correct size… but I don’t known how to do

Here is the demo

And I notice that when I zoom in with a very large level, the geometry start to shake when the camera move…[B]

So Are [A] and [B] all been caused by the float number precision?
Is there any method to resolve this?

Hi there,

It look like you are using PolylineVolumeOutlineGeoemetry instead of PolylineVolumeGeometry. I think this is the cause of the wireframe appearance rather than the size of the primitive. Do you have any luck when using PolylineVolumeGeometry instead?

They are same, use outline for easily viewing