How to show/hide specific tiles in google photorealistic tileset

I am rendering tileset through createOsmBuildingsAsync & I am showing/hiding some specific tileset( assume a building ) through conditions such as

\${feature['elementId']} !== ${elementIdFromTile}

I want do the same thing in createGooglePhotorealistic3DTileset but here I am not getting elementId or any other attributes to build the logic. How can I do that using createGooglePhotorealistic3DTileset ?
( Noted: in case of createOsmBuildingsAsync I was finding the attributes through tile.content.featuresLength & tile.content.getFeature(index) but in createGooglePhotorealistic3DTileset the value of tile.content.featuresLength is 0 for every tile. So, what is the way of finding attributes using createGooglePhotorealistic3DTileset ? )