How to solve the grid crack when the camera enters the ground and looks up?

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In order to realize the browsing and viewing of underground pipelines and implementations.

4. The Cesium version you’re using, your operating system and browser.

75.0.3770.100 (64 位),cesium1.58

The gaps are due to the low resolution of the coordinates used to render your image. Large coordinate values (with, say 5-6 significant decimal digits or more), have low resolution.
To close these gaps you need to:

  1. Make the origin of the world close to your viewpoint. I recommend putting it at the viewpoint as a best practice.

  2. If the gaps don’t close after step 1, then the coordinates of the pipeline vertices are too large (and therefore low resolution). So make them also relative to the world position of your viewpoint. When there should be no low-resolution numbers used to render the scene and the gaps will close.

There are a number of posts in this forum relating to this type of issue. I will see if I can find specific links for you.

Thank you very much. The attachment I show is that when the camera enters the ground, it looks up and finds the gap crack between the slices of the loading layer, not the crack in the loading pipeline data.

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This looks like it’s due to the fact that CesiumJS does not render the backfaces for terrain tiles. There’s an issue for this here and a suggestion of how to enable this (but you’d need to modify the source):

Underground rendering is generally a topic that’s on our roadmap, so there’s a couple of issues like this to address. There’s a GitHub issue for that here as well:

Hello again,
sorry for the late response.

I had assumed that it is due to resolution in the local area

a couple of links!searchin/cesium-dev/jitter%7Csort:date/cesium-dev/Rt9M3ogYhFY/caBPyPSQDQAJ!searchin/cesium-dev/jitter%7Csort:date/cesium-dev/gCWi3BpT47U/kkn07Cu8AQAJ

But they are a bit old now-I was looking for something more recent.

It occurs to me there also may be a gap between tiles if they are not stitched together properly.

A Omar says, there is another possibility too.
Would it be possible for you to set the word center where the gap is and rotate your view around it?

That may help diagnose what the actual problem is.


Thank you very much. I recorded an attachment that could better restore the problem.

I set “viewer. scene. screenSpace Camera Controller. minimum ZoomDistance = - 100000;” to let the camera go underground to see the problem. Without loading 3dtiles data, pipelines and other data have only one base map data.

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My uploaded video brake picture is not playing. I packed it and you can see it.

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