How to turn a hand-made model into 3dtitle for quick loading

I used CesuimLab 3.0.8 to convert the FBX to 3dtitle much faster than CesuimLab 3.1.9, but my colleague used CesuimJS to load 3.0.8 to convert the 3dtitle to flicker frequently, but the 3dtitle file converted with 3.1.9 is normal and very fast, please help analyze the reason, can you update the version of Cesuim for Unity? Or recommend the FBX or OBJ conversion to 3dtitle software or methods? If you want me to analyze the reason for 3dtitle here. I'll send it to you

Despite the trademark violation, CesiumLab is not associated with Cesium in any way. We can’t help debug problems with CesiumLab.

We recommend using our own product, Cesium ion, for converting FBX and OBJ files to 3D Tiles.