How to use "Extra Render Passes" Panoramic Rendering in UE5 with CESIUM

@Kevin_Ring and Cesium Team,
How can I ensure that the Cesium Tiles show up when rendering a 360 Panoramic shot inside of Unreal Engine 5 using the method shown in this video (Using Extra Render Passes and Panoramic Rendering inside of Movie Render Queue)? Currently, the Cesium Terrain disappears in the final render, while everything else remains- looking for some help here, thanks!



The Movie Render Queue is a bit difficult to work with because it goes outside the normal Unreal rendering, meaning it’s difficult or impossible for Cesium for Unreal to automatically get access to its camera parameters, which are necessary for 3D Tiles selection. There are a few more details here:

It may help to turn off frustum culling on the tileset, and set the culled screen space error to the same as the normal SSE (16).

You may also find it helpful to use the Cesium Camera Manager Actor to manually provide cameras to drive tile selection.

But the short version is that this isn’t a use-case we’ve explored before, so you’ll have to play around yourself and see what can be done to make it work. Including, potentially, making changes to the Cesium for Unreal plugin.




Aw man. I just did an hour long 8K Pano render just to have the Cesium terrain still not show up… same results as when frustum culling was enabled.


(Render Section)

Where is some info to use this Cesium Camera Manager you speak of? Internet searches aren’t obvious with answers (currently), could you point me in the general reading on how to utilize it properly for an application like this?


Hi @M_T ,

Edit: I was typing out instructions on how to use the Cesium Camera Manager, but it stood out to me that you are using the LOD transitions option. Unfortunately, that is not supported for movie rendering currently. If you disable that, Kevin’s original suggestion may help.

The Cesium Camera Manager might still be necessary though:
As Kevin mentioned, we attempt to pick up common camera types such as player cameras, VR eyes, and scene capture actors, but it isn’t exhaustive. This was the PR that originally introduced the Cesium Camera Manager feature: Blueprint API for Registering Custom Cameras by nithinp7 · Pull Request #734 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub

There are some screenshots in the link showing how to use the Blueprint API to register and update custom camera views with Cesium tilesets. You will need to access camera information from the panoramic renderer and feed it to the Cesium Camera Manager as the panoramic camera is sweeping around. I’m not sure about the details of how to retrieve that camera information though, since I’m not familiar with the panoramic renderer - but hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.